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m(v) = mo  

p(v) = mo  v

Ekin(v) = (mo  v2)/2

β =  1
















Kochetkov Victor Nikolayevich




the relativity theory 


    Expensive visitor! I thank you for that you have found time for site visiting The Mathematical physics. The relativity theory.

    The site is created for popularization of articles on the mathematical physics which publication in academic publications is represented inconvenient.

     The basic direction of a site the special and general theory of a relativity.

     I invite authors of articles on the mathematical physics to cooperation.

  Yours faithfully,

                          Victor Kochetkov



Now on a site The Mathematical 

 physics.The relativity theory all articles are

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m(v) = mo  β

p(v) = mo  β    v

Ekin(v) = (mo β2 ∙ v2)/(β +1)
















Kochetkov Victor Nikolayevich